I have worked with hundreds of student journalists as an editor, volunteer, and professor over the past 15 years (you can see my resume here). Many of the budding reporters I meet need an extra push to get ahead in journalism, and from volunteering with nonprofits to teach media literacy in high schools, to lecturing at universities, to co-authoring stories with interns, I have made a point to share the lessons I’ve learned on the ground.


“No one can hold the attention of my students like Chris. He not only has a wealth of knowledge to share, he has the rare ability to make my students want to learn it. He is a natural born educator.”

Phyllis Karas, Boston University College of Communication


“Chris offers unapologetic honesty in his accounts of covering everything from presidential races and criminals to activists and musicians. My students find him thought-provoking, irreverent, and at times, downright inspiring.”

Dr. Sarah J. Jackson, PhD, Northeastern University


“Chris Faraone is a fabulous guest speaker for student journalists. Aside from being an accomplished reporter and writer, he’s also relatable, as he is not much older than they are. Even better, he is enthusiastic and optimistic about the business in a way that many older journalists aren’t. No wonder, then, that students love him.”

Bill Beuttler, Emerson College